Sweet Edge Sculpture Tour


September 1, 2013


Pinky Snyder 

Phone: 610 294-9106



Sweet Edge Sculpture Tour 2013

In it’s fourth year as the New Hope area’s only sculpture tour, Sweet Edge Sculpture Tour 2013 takes place Saturday and Sunday, September 28 and 29, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine. Admission is free. Studios are five to fifteen minutes apart. 

Annual participating artists are Constance Bassett and David Cann of Moorland Studios, Raymond Mathis of Tutto Metal Design, John McDevitt of McDevitt Sculpture, and Steven Snyder of Cedar Maze Sculpture Garden and Studio.

Constance Bassett and David Cann will exhibit sculptures made individually, and in collaboration with each other. Their differing perspectives share common ground in their combined interest in form, presentation, and the search for complimentary materials.

Constance Bassett’s most recent body of work is an exploration of materials, and the use of facial expression and gesture, to evoke a contemporary and alternatively an iconic feeling in portraiture. Bassett explains, “I have experimented with the idea of capturing a sense of group expression, and the recognition of individuals within the group, if separated out. ‘The Senators’ has the presence of a crowd. Their individual expressions are overshadowed by the many surrounding them. One tends to interpret the mood of the whole, and not the individual in a large grouping. When presented as individual sculptures, they become familiar, and singular characteristics become more evident.”

David Cann says of his latest creations, “This group of work is a nonrepresentational exploration of a series of ‘Sketches’ in metal. Like drawing with a bold marker in three-dimensional space, I interpret how to go from a flat, one-dimensional plane to three dimensions. My goal is to turn the random shapes into something that has an aesthetic presence and a life force of its own.

Raymond Mathis creates one-of-a-kind sculptural and utilitarian art by combining his technical skills and his passion for transforming raw material into a multitude of shapes, colors and textures. “My focus is to share with the viewer my take on the human experience through the visual aspects unique to iron. This year I will be presenting a new series of smaller scale pieces—that also include clocks and jewelry—forged in aluminum and bronze.” Mathis will demonstrate and share his techniques throughout the day. He will also be hosting visiting artists RoseLouise Heim whose works are in clay and Ed Wright who works in bronze and mixed media. 

John McDevitt’s work revolves around the constancy of change and the challenge of self-transformation. “If I had one word to describe my latest work, it would be – opening. I used to think I had to close up the form to make it complete. I was not ready to expose the inside even though I could see something beautiful within. I am letting go of that rigidity and enjoying the possibilities that openness brings.” McDevitt’s latest series of work is entitled, “Holding Smoke.”

Steven Snyder states, “I am inspired by the natural world around me, and allow the shape, irregularity, and texture of a stone to show me the object within waiting to be revealed.” Recent works involve the detail of polish on select segments of a piece, often baring the surprise of unexpected color or fossil-like detail hidden beneath the stone’s raw surface. Snyder has also been constructing fountains akin to a long turning, tumbling, spilling watercourse.

Artwork will be available for purchase at all of the studios. To get a map or more information, please visit www.SweetEdgeSculpture.com or call 267-337-1818.

Additional Information:

Moorland Studios’ client work ranges from monument conservation work on many outdoor public and private sculptures, to The Statue of Liberty in 1983, The Statue of William Penn for Philadelphia’s City Hall, as well as objects from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and many private collectors. www.moorlandstudios.com

Working in a variety of materials such as steel, copper, bronze, stainless steel, stone, and hand-blown glass, Raymond Mathis collaborates not only with private clients but with interior designers, architects, landscape professionals, and public art committees. In addition to receiving several awards in juried exhibitions and for historic preservation, his work has been featured in House Beautiful, Philadelphia Magazine and many Bucks County regional publications. www.tuttometaldesign.com

John McDevitt has exhibited at a wide range of local venues, including Grounds for Sculpture Member Exhibition, Hamilton, NJ, 2 Person Show at Morpeth Contemporary in Hopewell, NJ, Sculpture New Hope in New Hope, PA, and a 2 Person Show at Aisling Group in Washington, DC. www.mcdevittsculpture.com

Steven Snyder’s work has been featured on HGTV’s “Our Place,” Country Living Magazine, as well as Bucks County regional publications. Public works are displayed in Buckingham and Doylestown, Pennsylvania, as well as The Children’s Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey. His work is also collected privately around the country. www.stonesculpture.net